Washita Trails South of St. Louis

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Oct 21, 2005
Washington, MO
A couple of us took a trip to Washita Trails south of St. Louis. A St. Louis Jeep club has done a ton of work there clearing trails. Thanks to them the 80's made it though. There are some great slab climbs, and plenty of areas to play in. The trails are littered with Pink Granite boulders, creating some great obstacles. As compared to Flat Nasty 2 hours SW of St. Louis, Washita is overall more challenging. Flat Nasty has more LONG, woods trails which are more OEM friendly.

What is Wa****ta? Looks like the profanity filter works too well :doh:

Its an old Indian word meaning " Me no likem dents " :grinpimp: . Looked at the pic's in the GW Cruisers section, need to check it out when work slows a little. Its nice to have some choice's over this way finally. Al

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