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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
United States
I have been toying with the idea of trading my 1990 FJ62 for a FJ40 78'-80'/ FZJ80 93'- 96' year model.

Here is a brief discription of my Fj62.

200K miles
Build date of 11/89
Charcoal Grey
Rust free
Everything is working condition (this is my DD)
CD player
33x12.5 BFG's on Black crawler with full size spare
I have a BDS Lift ready to go on (has a shackle lift right now)
Minor scuff marks on the body but no dents
Rebuilt T-case last May
Tranny Cooler
Tow hitch
Tool Kit
Power everything and everything works
Leather seats (drivers side needs to be redone) but everything else looks great
New Muffler
New Parts over the last year and a half: Calipers, plugs, wires, tranny filter and gasket, rebuilt t-case, brake pads all around, belts, fuel filter, pvc, anything that has to due with a major tune-up, headlights

Only bad part is that it has a rear main leak (but what cruiser doesn't) and it needs a knuckle rebuild. Just had a 200K check-up at the dealership and they said everything was in great condition with the exception of the knuckle rebuild and rear main leak which were two things i already knew. This is my 8th landcruiser in the last 4 years and i take pride in taken care of them and i always use OEM parts. I have a big bag of receipts of parts i have bought while i have owned this truck.

Plus would come with many spare parts: 5 crome steelies, spare brake master/brake booster and other misc parts.

I am the second owner of this rig and i bought from the original owner and i have the original Bill of sale from the dealership, window sticker, warrenty informaion on both the leather and the truck. Pretty cool history stuff on the truck. Its registered, inspected and runs like a top.

Here is a pic of the truck. note the Shackle lift wasn't on it when i took this picture and i don't have that roof rack anymore.

I am not looking to sell but to trade evenly for a FJ40/ FZJ80 in same condition. I am located in Dallas, TX


Feb 11, 2004
Big D
instead of trading I am selling it instead. $5500 and is located in richardson,tx. the only difference is that I am going to put on 31's on steelies instead of the 33's that are on there. I have a 80 I would like to buy but need to sell this one first.


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