WANTED: Running Land Cruiser under $1000

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United States
i am in need of a running Land Cruiser with ok-good engine and transmission, i would like a 75+ FJ40 auto because it will be a rental for my B&B in Belize and my DD. but i will take what i can get for less than $1000. the body and inside can be falling apart for all i care as long as it will last for 8000kms or 4000miles to Belize Central America.
You can contact me at Toyota_Spawn_15@hotmail.com or PM me either on here or on YotaTech
no toyotas in belize?


I am in Mexico, Tulum area, Yucatan Peninsula. I thought there were many Toyota Landcruisers in Belize?

I am looking for a new chassis for my HJ60. Are you not finding any good used landcruisers there?


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