Wanted Wanted- later model windshield (complete)

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Aug 11, 2002
Elkhart, Indiana
So I need to find someone who has a decent condition 40 series windshield as complete as possible. Needs to have low mounted wiper motor, could have glass and gasket, could have hinges. Color doesn't matter. I'm trying to make the newly acquired Bugly street legal.

I tried an early frame from my 45- but the high mounted wiper motor(s) hit the cage. The cage was obviously built for a later windshield frame.

I have access to a bare, very good condition early frame that could be part of a trade. I have other random parts too many to list that could be part of a trade.

Post up what you've got!



Ps. I need this frame to be located near Elkhart, IN or someone willing to pack and ship to zip code 46516. (obviously at my expense)
78 windshield frame

O.K. I have a 78 windshield frame with wiper motor ,glass complete ready to go .Still has factory paint $350 please email me for additional pictures.I will box free shipping on your dime, Dave rockntag@msn.com
silver 87 toy 2 054.jpg
Dave- please send more pics to me at




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