Wanted: H42 16 sline output shaft..

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@ the speed of plaid
Oct 8, 2006
Between the seat and the handle bars
and a matching (16 spline) 4 speed T-case input gear. Helping a friend swap H-41 gears into the H-42 case and unfortunately don't have a spare output shaft. The H-42 output shaft and input gear are badly worn and I am hesitant to re-use them. This truck is used for skidding timber for cord wood and see's some intense abuse, thus my reluctance to re-use it.

Have some parts for trade, swap a '60 series H-41 for a '40 series H-41, will refurbish tranny or T-cases or PTO boxes for trade ( you supply parts), help with engine swaps, welding projects, plasma cutting, minor Bridgeport milling etc. Cash too, as a last resort.

Can you guys help me help a brother?

I have an H42 you can have Junior.

If you can wait I can bring it to spring meeting.
Thanks Jason!

Do not want to look a gift horse in the mouth...but...what do the output splines look like? My buddy Tim would be willing to drive down and pick it up too, if that's cool. Trying to keep the down time to a minimum on this one since it's a work truck.


Dave, in the pile of gears sitting in the shop is a gear, 16 spline that was
going to be used to mount a 3speed t-case to my 4 speed tranny. Is this the part you need?

Lane, I need a gear out of a 4 speed T-case. It has a different mesh to it. The one you have is the transition gear out of a '74 and won't work in a 4 speed. Thank you very much for looking though!

I'll have to pull it apart to check. It still has the t-case on it. I also have one at Flippers house too that he didn't end up needing that could work as well. I'll see if I can pull it apart this weekend.
Here are the pics. If this one doesn't work for you maybe the one at John's will.
16t gear.JPG
16t shaft.JPG
16t shaft 2.JPG
I was afraid of that. Would you like to try the one that I have at John's?

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