Wanted WANTED 60, 62, or 80 series for project

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United States
Hi folks. I have a customer that is having us build a very custom camper build off of a 60, 62, or preferably an 80 series.

Looking for a runner right now, but a motor swap is in the future. Will buy a non runner for the right price though.

Not looking to travel too far or ship, again, unless it is for the right price.

Any rear end damage is preferable since the back half of the vehicle with be cut off.

Our shop is located in Placerville, CA and the customer is in Fremont, CA. So within 300 miles of either place is about the max.

Trying to keep this under 3k...but can pay more for aftermarket upgrades, well maintained, and basically less work for us.

Thanks a lot guys!

I have an 86 FJ62 I'm looking to get rid of. Decent shape, few rust spots here and there. Engine runs fine but transmission issues. Not sure what. In PA though shipping cross country around $900. Let me know if you're interested.
I've got a spare 1984 fj60, 265k, solid runner, both AC's blow cold, currently emmissiond, reg/d insurd. maint records past 10yrs (since I bought it). needs new suspension, tunes, some small rust coming up in the rear wheel wells and tailgate.

Picked up another 84 w/much fewer miles, and my BIL couldn't pay for this one.

I could drive it to ya and fly back...
I've got a 93 Fzj80 without axles or suspension (using for my camper build). The head gasket was just replaced. If interested send me a PM and we can chat. The cruiser is in Davis.

80 series

David I am very interested.

I think I sent you some parts awhile back.

Do you have a number I can reach you at?


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