WANTED: 1975 - 1983 FJ40 w/2F, 4sp, ambi doors

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United States
HI all,

Looking for the following:

Price range 5-9k
- 1975 - 1983 FJ40 with 2F and 4speed.
- should have hardtop with ambi doors (but can overlook that if clean).
- body tub should be with minimal rust or minimal surface rust (dont mind doing some body work, just dont want to jump in heavy right away).
- should run pretty good and most guages/lights should work.
- owner must be willing to sell it and ship it (on me of course).
- if it does not run, body and interior should be exceptionally clean.

Been looking hard for a while, and either it is rusted pretty bad, out of my $ range or the owner does not want to sell or ship.

Already checking the most common places.

Any pointers appreciated. I know, I know...keep dreaming...Anyway, I am serious about buying.

Alright - let em fly guys.:D

Hi - I am in the Raleigh, NC area...so depending on where the right truck is, it may would need to be shipped.

I found one in OR for example, owner would not drop off at DAS, wanted local pickup only.

Anyway, just looking for a good solid truck that needs a little bit of work.

I am guessing from the lack of responses, I need to lower my expectations. :D

D' Animal I am located in NC

My email is bflanary@gmail.com and my mobile is 919.656.4682 if anyone wants to send me pictures, description, pricing...or hey, if you just want to chat
Hi Rusty77 - thanks for the pictures, a bit more body work than I want to get into. Good luck with the sale.

Still looking folks - I have a few calls to make this evening from some responses, I will call this evening.

Brad - AKA - Diggity

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