Wanted WANTED - 10'-13' GX460 Seattle/PNW area

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United States
I have been looking for a couple months now and cant find what im looking for......which really shouldnt be that hard.

Wanted 10'-13' GX460
  • under 110K miles
  • great shape/well maintained/no damage
  • not picky about what package it has
  • Any exterior color except black/gold
  • Any interior color except the white/light tan

Honestly thats about it. Would ideally prefer White/Red/Gunmetal exterior with the brown sepia interior. Under 110K (lower the better) and my max budget is mid $20's. In Seattle area but would be willing to travel to Oregon/Idaho for the right truck.
About to trade in my wife’s truck 2010 GX460 excellent shape, no wrecks, no smoker, no kids and garaged. Only has 74k miles. $23k but must act fast she found what she wants and wants to get it ASAP.

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