Want to help a neighbor price her FJ62

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Aug 12, 2005
Salt Lake City
This FJ has been sitting for about 2-3 years since her husband died.

I am not even sure what year it is, or the mileage. Will find out and post that up. It needs a new driver's side door & fender (or maybe it was both doors on that side, I forget), but the rest of the body looks nice & clean. I would be very tempted to buy it but I am in the middle of sinking money into getting my FJ40 painted & on the road.

Would you use blue book values to start with or are they typically too low? Or too high?

What should I be looking for besides general condition, year, & mileage in order to help set an asking price?

Post some photos up here and give the details and I'm sure the collective bunch of us can come up with a fair estimate on it.
Location and pics needed.
Will do, thanks. Location is Northern Utah.
usually values are low. But, it depends. Rust will vary the price greatly. Milage will help it if it is around 100K but that varies. Pics are best bet.
Sorry, I was way off--it's a 60 not a 62

:doh: And I got a good look at the body for the first time. Yikes. Front end damage, drivers fender & door damaged, rust around pass. side read wheel well, scrapes down the entire pass. side. Odometer says 170,000. Interior seems fairly clean. Not sure about the mechanical. Will try to get photos this week. Thanks.

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