Waldo Canyon Fire

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Jul 12, 2006
Colorado Springs, CO
How's everybody doing? Saw the huge smoke plume on the way back from Metberry yesterday. Thought the Springer fire has flared up until I got my bearings and realized it was a new fire. Post up if you need a hand!
Myself and some friends were up wheeling/camping this weekend near Saran Wrap and Eagle Rock, left early to come back to town this morning due to the smoke building up through the area and were met by quite the surprise by the fire.

Hope everyone is alright and safe!
The pre-evacuation warning area is almost to Woodland Park. We've spent the last few hours getting ready to bail.
Ah, nevermind, just making a bad joke about a recent troll.

AFA is currently making a dozer line right behind my house.
I'm in The Springs I second pwco70cruiser if someone need a place to crash we have room (our two sons are spending some quality time w/their sister and packing getting ready to come home she's done w/her master yeah : ^)) I can breath now I think.Oh man just heard houses are on fire Flying W. Ranch bout ten miles west of me.We could definatelly use prayers.
Hey Eric what part of The Spring are you in?
Hey Hoosier Daddy let us know if there is anything my wife and I can do?
Same w/you Man Jerk.Praying with you guys.
Family is safe
got a hotel
Saved the cruiser, left the Acura to burn :)
house is probably screwed
just stuff, right?
Glad to hear your family is ok,ypou're right stuff can be replace need any help w/the acura you welcome to park the car at my place if you want.Let us know.
Thanks for the offer, but with the situation on the roads it's literally impossible to go back to the house.
Damn sorry Hoosier, Man Jerk :( Best of luck.
I'm up in the S. end of Black Forest - you guys are welcome to crash here, park vehicles, etc. But given how crazy this is I'd be thinking further south and east.
Good to know,Godspeed.
I got friends out there including my Pastor.Hey Eric are you the one w/a M416 trailer?who did the axle switch on it?

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