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Aug 4, 2004
central CT
My pops and I went to Magic Mountain snowboarding Saturday, and like every trip there, Magic it was. Cruisin through Newfane on the way up we spotted an early (69-73) 40 parked at the hardware store. It was sea foam green(ish), semi weathered, with an old Kayline(?) soft top. Anyone?

Then on the backroads to the mountain, we spotted a barred owl sleepin by the river. Always a good omen. Went ridin, had fun, pushed around 6" of new wet mashed potatoes, smoked our thighs, and decided to leave. Walked out to the parking lot, and lo and behold, there's a beautiful beige 40 sittin there! Sweet!

Take a closer look and realize how pristine this rig is. 68, mild lift, 33 AT's and CHERRY! Had a few TLC and Cruiser Solutions stickers on it so I knew somethin was up.

magic 004 (600 x 450).jpg

The owner Dan came up and we chatted a bit. Nice guy. Bought the rig from TLC a few years ago and had Ted touch it up after a mishap. Really nice rig that he's not afraid to use. Was cool to see a TLC rig up close. Told him about Yankee Toys, maybe we'll see him around.

Then we're drivin home and another 40 pops up. Right near where we saw the owl. Must have been checkin out the owl pics and missed it.

magic 006 (600 x 450).jpg

72, all orig missing front hubcaps, little rough around the edges but not rotted out, clean interior, possible low miles (77K), I'm thinkin one owner plow truck. Dibs! Looked for the owner, couldn't find anyone but left a note. Did a little research before I left town, we'll see what happens...

This caught my eye. The plow controls were lettered just like the pulls on the dash.

magic 010 (600 x 450).jpg

My Dad's the one that got me into cruisers, drove my Mom to the hospital in his 72 the night I was born. Everytime we go on a trip together, cruisers pop up. Some kind of magnetism. Last time we went on a road trip, I bought a rusty LV. Maybe we should drive cross country....
magic 004 (600 x 450).jpg
magic 006 (600 x 450).jpg
magic 010 (600 x 450).jpg
The beige one lives in the town that I live in. It is super nice. I do a lot of work at Stratton Mountain and have been driving by the green one a couple times a week since 1984. I asked the owner if he wanted to sell it back in 1985 and he said "I could not get along without it". I used to have a green 72 just like it.
That '72 is in pretty good shape for up north.......
Seems I never really see any old cruisers anymore, they used to be everywhere. :frown:
I was at Stratton that weekend.

Drove by Magic on our way home. Have never ridden or skied Magic in all the years I lived in MA. Have to give it a try some day.

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