"VSC OFF" with codes C1207, C1227, C1340

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Jun 26, 2012
Can anyone give me guidance on how to diagnose my "VSC OFF" light staying on with engine codes C1207, C1227, C1340? No other warning lights are on.
I think I got the same codes after timing belt job. A bunch of stuff including battery was unplugged. I reset them with an OBDII scanner and that did the trick.
I reset the codes, and the "VSC OFF" light re-appeared as soon as I put the car in gear. I'd appreciate help getting this figured out.
C1207 is Park Neutral Position sensor switch circuit
C1227 TRAC AND VSC Solenoid Circuit
C1340 Center Diff Lock Circuit.
Do you have a connector disconnected or a rodent problem?
I've checked all 5 connectors on the ECU, and they are securely attached. If by rodent, you mean was a wire was chewed, that could easily be the case. My question is how to figure that out.

I'm trying to understand The diagnostic manual. I'm on DI-647 (an image is attached) where I'm checking the IG1 relay. The open/continuity is ok on my IG1's pins, so next it says, "Check for open circuit in harness and connector between IG1 No. 1 relay and combination meter (See page IN-36 )."

Can someone tell me how to check for that open circuit?
Here's what I know after tracking down the C1227 and C1340 codes:
  • my brake booster pins check out fine,
  • harness from brake booster to both ECU and Engine Room Relay is good,
  • harness is good from engine room J/B relay to ECU, and
  • EXI at ECU has 12 V when in 4L.
I've tried to check harness from ECU to the RH J/B, but, man, that RH J/B board hard to get to.

I don't think the circuitry from the VSC OFF switch to the light is a problem, cuz the light doesn't come on until the tires start to move.

At this point, I would love from someone to come along and give me a short cut. If not, I'll continue inching my way through the diagnostic manual.
Sorry to liven up an old thread but can anyone tell me the location of IG1 No1 in the engine bay. I assume its under the main fuse block but it looks difficult to take apart. I have a ABS light on all the time but no fault codes on Scan gauge or when put in diagnostic mode. Help Please.

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