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That 25 Guy.
Dec 3, 2002
Are parts available for Volvo portals? If I were to invest that much cash in a set of axles I'd hate to be out of comission while waiting for a bearing or seal.

They run birfields don't they? Has anyone blown one up?
I haven't researched as much on the volvos as I run MOGs, but I fill you in on what I do know. There are more and more guys running these axles, esp in compitition, so the aftermarket parts are starting to show up. There are beefier birfields, detroit lockers machined to fit, and I believe chromoly axles already out there. I have also seen a vendor for disc brake conversions.

For general bearings and seals and stuff, I would talk with the vendors selling these axles for sources. I will say that all these axle have had to be imported to the US as they never exsisted here, which does make getting parts more difficult.

Here are a couple links to vendors:
Thanks for the links. My application would run the standard wheels and military radials and the horsepower / torque would be right in the ballpark of the OEM application. They should be super duty considering the weight of the rig. ;)

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