Viton seals

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Oct 17, 2007
Is there no topic about what seals that needs to be replaced on the forum?!
My question is: what seals and orings do i need to replace if i want to run higher than B20? does injector seals need to be replaced? fuel lines? And where can I purchase these seals from Viton? Is there a kit?

Thx for any info

Best posted in the diesel section. You have two options. One don't do anything until she springs a leak or replace all seals and hoses now. Now if your hoses look like they are in decent conditiona and all you are going to run is B40 evey once and a while, then I would just leave things as they are. I would only make sure you have spare fuel filters in the truck, because all the crud from your tank and lines accumulated through the years will be purged forward from the bio.

If you are going to run B40 and higher on a constant baisis, I recommend you do all seals and hoses. This means the removal of the pump in most cases. In the rotary IP, the IP drive shaft seal has to be done and is critical if the IP is gear power from the crank. If that seal goes it dumps diesel into your oil.

You can buy the seals and hose from any diesel fuel injection shop which is certified to rebuild your pump: Denso, Bosch, etc. You may also be able to buy it online at a cheaper price. But make sure you add shipping costs when you do this. Don't forget to also replace the filler hose.
thx.. i'll repost up in diesel section. I recently acquired a 1991 HDJ81 and am in surrey so looking for anybody who has
a. done seal changes for biodiesel
b. made biodiesel from WVO

to share some knowledge with


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