Visiting Ames

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May 4, 2006
Hello all,

Next week (26-30) I'll be in Ames for a course. Could y'all recommend places to eat/or stay away from? If ya get really bored, let me know and we'll grab a :beer:

Later, Jason
What type of food do you like? The majority of us in the Tall Corn Cruiser club are in the Des Moines area. We aren't too far from Ames. You definately should check up Hickory Park(barbeque) in Ames.

I am sure a group of us would be up for a meet and greet get together some night after work. Interested in coming down to Des Moines one night that week?

In Ames there are a few places worth eating.

1. Hickory Park (as mentioned above. Get the sampler platter)
2. Great plaines sauce and dough (Pizza joint, on main street... GREAT Pizza)
3. Blue Moon? (Peruvian place on main street- good solid food, if it's still there, haven't eaten there in over 2 years)

I'm in Fort Dodge, about an hour north of Ames- and get down there quite a bit.
A time and place

OK, how about Hickory Park 6:30 on Tuesday?
Oh, and you HAVE to have breakfast at "The Cafe". It's about 5 min North of Ames, and a fantastic bistro type cafe.

Get directions from a local, I can drive there- but can't tell you the street names to turn on.

Seriously- I can't recommend "The Cafe" highly enough.

As for the Hickory Park on Tuesday.... I could be persuaded to meet there.
I just got off the phone with Jason, we are on for 6:30 tonight. See you all there.

It was great meeting you guys, thanks for taking time out of your schedules! I owe y'all. Hopefull I'll make it back up for Tall Corn.

I'm still full, but it sure was good.

Later, and Thanks,
It was nice meeting you as well! Hope your class went well and you had a safe trip back to Wichita. Hopefully you can make the Tall Corn Cruiser Classic if not Flat Nasty.


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