For Sale VisionX Pit Master LED flood lamp. 24Volt.

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Jun 20, 2010
United States
SOLD. VisionX Pit Master LED flood lamp. 24Volt.

Ron from Canada paid $400. THANKS!!;)

I've got a used, but in good cond PitMaster 40* LED lamp. My company bought 50 of these and only needed 46. So I got one.

I'd use it myself but it's a 24 VDC light. So all you Diesel heads, here's your light! A guy from work has one hooked up to his F250, and it's Super Bright!

15,000 lux, using 30 5 watt LED's. It's one super cool lamp.:cool:

I'm looking for $345. shipped obo. Or trade for good 12 volt lights.

This lamp was purchased new from VisionX(for $1k.) in March of this year.

This lamp needs 6 amps @ 24 VDC. The only PSU I have in 24 VDC, is a 3 amp. So the pics are not even at full brightness. At 30 meters away, in bright sunlight, it still hurts the eyes.

PitMaster Mining Industrial Light - Vision X USA
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Price drop to $345.
Dont have any 12v lights but need any parts for your cruiser?

All I need is bumpers and a rack, but I know that stuff is too heavy to ship.:frown:

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