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Jan 21, 2005
Pitt Meadows,BC
I remember that day. Thats the gravel pit shortly after the logging camp on the way up to Clear Creek. We stopped there and played while someone was repairing a severly deflated tire on his 80 (Clarence I think?)

Handy that flickr supports video now. I have one on tape I need to convert from a day run up to Clear Creek, circa summer 2000. It would be great club footage as it has a segment with Redreefer driving Russels 40, and another segment with Redreefer talking about the old woodstove that the club had built for the long since burned down cabin.
Feb 4, 2006
Trail?What trail?

No,Elsie did't have her air lockers at that point in her life.

You mean your not Marcin?Oh please don't disapoint me.

Great memory Jeff.

Those sound like great additions forthe new web site.I have agreat short one of Steve coming down Widowmaker.
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