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Feb 14, 2008
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I've been trying to figure out where to put a small air tank on my '95 second gen 4runner without taking up cargo space or moving the spare tire from it's default spot. Many ideas were thought up, then I remembered the winch cavity in the bumper. I don't plan on having a winch on this truck so that space is available.

ARB Deluxe Bar bumper (#3414070) for 2nd gen 4runners and 86-95 Pickups should allow a slightly modified Viair (#21025 and #91028) 2.5 gallon air tanks to fit in it. They may even fit unmodified, but I would have to test fit to see. My best guess at this point is the legs are 1/2" to 3/4" to long for an unmodified fit.

The spot for the winch in the bumper is roughly 7" high x 6.25" wide x 25" long but the back and bottom are not walled in. The Viair 2.5 gallon tank is 6" in diameter x 7.6" high x 24" long. Modifying the legs to remove 3/4" to 1" in height should allow the tank to be mounted upside down in the space for the winch. The legs can be shortened so they only extend 1/4" or so beyond the tank bottom. Basically enough length to clear so the tank doesn't rub against the bumper. To clear the bottom air fitting port a hole will need to be drilled into the ARB bumper's top surface. A plug or air fitting can be attached to it. The ports on the ends of the air tank should be able to be accessed through the holes in the ends of the winch area. There are roughly 4" diameter lightening holes in the walls at each end of the winch area. The tank's top fitting is where to place the drain valve as it will be the lowest point when installed.

Modifying the legs. I figure on cutting off the base of the legs, at the red lines in the attached end view drawing. Then bending in the leg stubs to make small feet, green lines. Next drill holes in the feet and matching holes in the top surface of the ARB bumper. I was also figuring on squaring the holes in the legs and bumper to allow short carriage bolts to be used to attach the tank. Because of the short distance between the tank and the bumper there isn't space for using wrenches on the bolts so that is why I'd square the holes and use carriage bolts. Holes can be squared with a file.

The air port that sticks up through the top of the bumper could have a quick connect fitting put in it. A cap of some sort would be used to keep water out of it. A short nipple, and elbow would allow the quick connect to point forward rather than up.

Potential issues:

With the tank so close to the top surface of the bumper it could interfere with the mounting bolts for lights mounted in the middle section of the bumper. It should be possible to place the tank 1/2" to 3/4" lower as there is some extra space below. The clearances between the top of the tank and the bottom parts of the bumper would need to be checked. Also the alignment of the air ports on the ends of the tank may not clear the holes in the ends of the winch area.

There may not be enough clearance for accessing the ports on the ends of the tank. This is because the ports angle out some, and it looks like it may be a close fit. One solution is to move the tank to one side so one end of it is close up against the end wall of the winch area. The ports would be partially sticking through the lightening hole so the fitting would have some space. The ports on the other end of the tank could be plugged, or elbow fittings used on them. The edges of the lightening holes can also be modified some.

In the PDF file and image:
M = bottom fitting that needs a hole in the top of the bumper.
L = top fitting for water drain valve.


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