Valve cover washers and distributor o-ring

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Dec 17, 2009
Tucson, AZ
funny thing, the one on my '93 80 series had just started leaking and was replaced, then this one starts getting bad. definitely one of the easiest repairs you can do: mark the location (orientation?) of the distributor, pull the cap off (2x screws), note the angle of the rotor, remove the single 12mm bolt holding the distributor down and pull it own. took all of 20 minutes and that was including cleaning it up. the old ring was barely rubber any more and definitely not round...

IMG_0522 (1).jpg
while i was ordering parts i broke down and replaced the seals/ grommets (washers) for the valve cover nuts. these were pretty rough - i noticed they were worn when i pulled the cover to fix the pcv valve but didn't have the time to pick them up and hoped that they would still seal. no such luck - once they had been moved from their original resting place they started oozing. i think there are a couple different styles of these washers so looked at them pretty closely before ordering but after getting them in, i was worried that it was even the correct part as they looked so different.




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