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Jan 19, 2007
Yesterday while driving home from work I got 3 mins away and my Aus spec "97" 4.5 lt petrol 80 stalled on LPG. To overcome this I switched to petrol. This got me out of trouble but it was running a very rough idle.

I had my mechanic look at it to day and he fixed the rough idle by moving a hose from the center area of the rocker cover from supposedly drawing air after the lpg mixer (which he blocked with a rubber stopper) to a position he belived to be more suitable before the LPG mixer (Used to have the stopper over it) He said that he had noticed this hose he belived to be in the wrong spot before but however it was not causing a problem so he had left it as it was.

Trying to diagnose why this had all of a sudden became a problem he used a vacuum gauge to test this hose which he said should suck to create the vacuum in the engine and it showed that it is not sucking.

His theory on this is that the engine is getting air from somewhere else but could not find where. Looked around the head gasket and other obvious places. Could it be a oil seal somewhere?

I was hoping that someone may of experienced this in the past and might know of somthing that has been missed or what to look for that will solve the mystry.

Any help will be much appricated.

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