Vacuum line deterioration

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May 6, 2016
At 31.5 years old, the rubber every where on the truck has seen better days but, what immediately effects performance is bad vacuum lines leaking their little bit of vacuum which in turn makes other vacuum using senders and such not get their fair share causing screwy & floaty idle to no idle at all and stalling, uncool.
While replacing my freshly rebuilt (by BFIC in Burbank) OEM Aisan carb I found 7 split vacuum lines and a broken plastic 2 hose sender I used JB Weld to hold together until I can get a replacement, JB Weld works.
Eating lunch then will change the rest of the vacuum lines and find the fuse for my air con system, it is an unusual system made from 3 different year Toyotas and the place that made it work put separate fuses somewhere I haven't been able to locate. :(
Replace your old rubber with good stuff when you can, I'm using Honda vacuum line because it is quality stuff I just happened to ha e on the shelf.

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