For Sale [VA] 1994 fzj80

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United States
Putting my 80 up for sale. 223,000 miles. With a new kid I just don't have time to tinker on 3 land cruisers. I've been basically DDing this for two years while doing maintenance. Very little wheeling. I love it, but it is not being used as it should.

-'94 3x locked
-Ironman rear springs
-OME J springs in front
-Slee caster plates
-Homemade high clearance front and rear bumpers

-Rebuilt both front axles in the last 10k miles.
- according to PO it has a junkyard motor with around 50k on it. The motor has definitely been swapped, but I have no way to verify mileage.
- No serious leaks. It weeps a little out of the front timing cover.
- could use a DC Front shaft. It has a very slight vibration on deceleration.
- has a great patina but a coat of paint wouldn't hurt.

I would consider trades, but only for other Toyota 4x4s. I've had my eye on 4cylinder 4runners. Asking $6000 but I'm open to discussion. Located in Staunton, VA.

I'm selling an 89 4runner if your interested. 856-430-8705. Located in NJ

I'm going to hold tight for a while to see if I can't sell it outright. I really don't want another vehicle right now. Thanks, though!
Could you please post some pictures of the undercarriage and engine bay please?
Could you please post some pictures of the undercarriage and engine bay please?

Yea I'll post better pictures tomorrow. No matter what the pictures show you need to see it in person. The paint is rough. It has the classic green 80 series peeling clear coat on the roof and one side.

The flares are gone and the holes are welded shut. There are some dents and dings from trail use and age.

No rust on the body and very minimal surface rust on frame. It was a NC truck until 3 yrs ago when I bought it.
Some things I forgot.

-AC is not functioning - it never has as long as I've owned it.
- No EGR. If you get emissions tested this probably isn't for you.
- No ABS or LSPV
- No front swaybar

- Has trail gear Hd steering
- Upgraded battery cables from someone on MUD.
- Slee headlight harness

Here are some more pictures.




Trying to capture how bad the paint is, but you just need to see it.

Thanks man...the EGR bit might be a problem, I am in NoVA now and have to get the vehicle emission tested...used to live in Churchville, VA (early 2000's)...GLWS

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