V8, heater control valve?

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Jun 8, 2008
San Diego
Whats up dudes,
With it warming up and having put my roof on I want to be able to shut off the heater. What have you V8 guys done for a heater control valve?

Put a generic brass valve in the heater hose inside the cab, find something from the junk yard.... ????

I bet somebody here has figured it out!

x2 on the question

Brian- You're a mind reader I have the exact same question:) Can anybody tell me if doing so will decrease the cooling process too much? Seems like a lot of heat gets dissipated through the cab.
Took this post to the tech section too.

Hi Tom,
Turning off the heater shouldn't affect your cooling much, not unless you're at the edge of not having enough cooling capacity already. Worst case you can turn on the heater going up hills.

Shot you a PM too Tom.

Hey Brian,

Hey bud, my ride has a valve installed in the engine compartment that is like a butterfly valve. It is manual and requires you to open the hood and manually close it. I am about to devise a way to run a hard line or a pully system so that there is a push pull switch to open and close it from in the cab. I will take a few pics of the valve and you can see what I mean.

I will chat with you soon man,

OK, here is the answer!

I ask over in the tech forum and found out that a heater valve from a 60's-70's Ford would work. It's inline, and has a mount for the cable housing built into the valve. Sweet!

This is where I found it on Ebay
Ford Bronco Pickup Econoline Van New Heater Valve:eBay Motors (item 190270743579 end time Apr-28-09 17:10:44 PDT)

And this is the one I received. I need to still figure out a clean way to attach the heater control cable to the valve though. I'll probably go the junk yard and see what kind of cable connection I can come up with.

Hope this helps! :cheers:

Oh yea, I tried to buy one locally but everyone is selling plastic valves. Went the Ebay route to get the nice looking metal one.
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Marshalls hardware in Miramar has tons of stuff if you are looking for something local. I got a brass fitting there to replace the heater hose connection when I did my HG job recently.
Thanks a lot dude.
Yea, Marshalls rules! They have loads of good stuff and cheap T-shirts. :clap:
Later, B.

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