Using a hi-lift with a 45

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Jan 25, 2008
hey guys - just wondering what you've done out there to allow for easier usage of a hi-lift jack with a 45 - i'm thinking of building sliders anyway, so that would make things easier - as from what i see now, there aren't any decent contact points along the sides...feel free to contribute your thoughts...
if jacking on the side sliders do make it easier. but I would construct or buy a good base for your high lift this is important in that when jacking from the side there is a much higher probability of the truck rolling off of it. i prefer to jack from the bumpers.
HTH Jason
I'm in the same boat. I've used my highlift on the front bumper and rear crossmember of my troopy, but you'd need sliders on the sides. I like my 17-20 mpg, so I'm not going to add a bunch of weight...

I've picked up an exhaust X-Jack for the side lift stuff....


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