Urgent! Junk 2001 Part needed

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Dec 13, 2007
Franklin, TN
So I'm in need of a 2001 lx470 or land cruiser hard line power steering return line. The dealer wants $500+ and napa can't get it. No one around has a metric flare kit to flare a new end or make a new pipe. I've got a flare tool on order from Amazon. Let me know if anyone has any leads. 98-02 lx or cruiser should work. Thanks!
there is one just off of briley pkwy near tdot call lqk or lkq pull a part. if you are just needing the hard line I would take it with you and try to match something up.

good luck and happy hunting.
Thanks for the help! I ended up cuting and flaring the pipe I broke. Praying it will hold!

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