Updating Chapter application and related bylaws

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Jan 24, 2003
Columbia, MO
Hey guys,

What follows is from our website. We need to address some points in our starting a chapter section, and make sure these cahnges are reflected in our sop's and bylaws as well. Looking at the starting a chapter form that was forwarded to me by Erik's Christiansen and Vogt, I see no immediate changes that need to be made unless you do. Neither the Austin nor Houston chapter used this form which incorportates chapter roster and delegate information. I think we should continue (start?) to use this more to standardize the process of "chapterization." snip and my thoughts follow:

"Forward a complete set of club bylaws and a complete club roster to the
TLCA Membership Office for formal review." I'm comfortable reviewing bylaws and see no need to take up Jackie's time with this, but if it needs to be reviewed by someone other than the IR's I would suggest Nick, our bylaws chair might be more appropriate...

"Your club roster must show who is already a current TLCA member and who will become TLCA members." This would seem to indicate that membership is in charge of reviewing documentation for chapter applicants. I think the IR's can verify this with Jackie via phone or email. That way all chapter application documents can go to one place, the IR...makes life simpler...

One discrepancy I note is our bylaws say a chapter must have 6 tlca
members, the getting a chapter started section says 5. Steve Sabo from the Austin chapter says he was told he needed 8. We need to decide on a number and make it the same everywhere for everyone...

I think I disagree with the statement made earlir by Tony that Chapters need not have
a delegate. It does not seem to be a requirement in either our bylaws, sops,
or the getting a chapter started section. But I think if a chapter wants
to reap the benefits of being a chapter, they should be required to help
manage the parent club. Thru rsponsibility comes priviledge. We ought to require this, put it in writing, and require that chapter delegates or their alternates attend at least 60% of bod meetings. Once (if?) we agree on this, we need to call all chapter presidents/delegates and work towards getting them back on board, attendance at meetings is pitiful!

Lastly, I'm going to put all this on the ih8mud tlca board, and recommend that we have our discussion there. It gets it out where general membership can see what we're up to and have input if they care to...Thoughts on that? We can work by email ring if you all would prefer, that's fine too...

Thanks, Alan
Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

Do the IR's maintain the files on clubs, or does Jacki? I assume it's Jacki, and that the files are in one location. I believe she should have all appropriate paperwork on file prior to club approval, to ensure it is ON FILE, not just approved. This does place some urgency on the IR to get that information out promptly. Most likely, this is an electronic file as well as a physical one.
Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

A quick correction Steve Sabo is from TLCC - Houston. I'm (Hunter Arend) from Lone Star Land Cruisers - Austin Chapter.
Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

Hunter, Steve, sorry, my bad. Woody, the IR's forward stuff to membership to keep on file, which I still need to do for the two newest chapters...Alan
Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

Chef and MAC team...

officially, 6 current members to start chapter, 4 must be maintained to maintain chapter status. (minimums)

Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

OK, here's what I think...from tlca.org bylaws:

1. A minimum of six individual TLCA members, in good standing, who are owner

operators may submit an application to become a Chapter.

And from the sop's...


1. Minimum of six (6) individual TLCA members, in good standing, who are owner

operators may submit an application to be a Chapter.

And from the starting a chapter section of membership...

For consideration as a member in a TLCA Chapter, the minimum requirement is five owners of a Toyota 4-wheel drive vehicle.

These should all be changed to read eight members...another snip from bylaws...

4. To be a "Chapter in Good Standing" the Chapter must comply with the following:

a. Retain all Bylaws clauses from Section 3.

b. Maintain four (4) current members who are TLCA members.

I think if we raise chapter requirements from 6 to 8, we should raise b from 4 to 6...another snip coming...

6. Responsibilities of Chapters in good standing:

a. Each Chapter is responsible for registering their Delegate or Alternate Delegate

including any changes, with the TLCA Secretary, using the appropriate Delegate


Obviously, with the last bylaw change we need to add that delegates and their alterantes must be members of tlca in good standing. And I think we ought to require that chapter delegates or their alternates attend a minimum of 60% of the year's bod meetings. With priviledge comes responsibility...

As I said before, I'm ok with the current form...If eveyone's ok with these cahnges, perhaps we can get this done at the next bod meeting...Thanks,

Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

OK Chef, I found the post. 8)

it is the starting a chapter text in membership and other places that I am most interesting in bringing current.

I think the by laws and sops are pretty good with regards to current requirements, we reviewed these extensively during the by laws review, although it is possible they may not sink up exactly.

The part where it says maintain bylaw clauses from section 3 are: (I had to look them up)

A goal or objective is to support TLCA
All chapter members eligable must join TLCA
Chapter may not exceed 30% non toyata etc

I am kosher with these and will note, I interpret this as stating that a Chapters member requirements are not that of TLCA, it simply means that within the Chapters membership, all eligable members must join TLCA. This is good.

And you are right, the recent by law changes will have some impact here and should be included.

thanks Chef for taking the lead on this effort... I know I appreciate your efforts and thank you personally for being one of the few to take the bull by the horns.
Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

I really think right now, that we should keep the requirements the same. After all the problems with membership drops in the past why would we need to bump up the number of members a chapter has to have to be a TLCA Chapter? Personally if it were up to me (and it's not) I would push the number down rather than up. If a group of 4 TLCA members want to form their own TLCA chapter and be a club then more power to them! I doubt this will screw with any of the current clubs status as TLCA chapters but we should make it easier to be TLCA not harder.

I agree that with priviledge comes responsibility, and that goes along with gaining members and friends to build the TLCA organization, not excluding folks based on numbers.

Just my opinion don't take it personally :beer:,
Re: Updating Chapter application and related bylaw

Hey Kids...Tony wanted me to kick this to the top for discussion and resolution..let's try and have some solid wording we can vote on by the next bod meeting...

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