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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Just a quick UPDATE for the 80-100 crew who was posting about this recently....I attempted a handful of installs this weekend to get the patch to work correctly, and failed on two files every time. Will be playing with this more this coming weekend (of course, the individual who created the patch no longer cares and is unwilling to help, so I get to suffer thru it myself....)

Once working, it will allow you to selectively choose to view or not view avatars AND signature lines, speeding up forum viewing, reducing bandwidth, and preventing concerns with "non-work-safe" avatars.

I believe this will work just like the checkbox in the profiles now which allows you to turn on/off the cuss filtering...
nope...'ubbthreads' versus 'yabbse'

I'll get it...won't be fun, but it's a "good excuse" to better understand php programming.....

and HEY, what are you doing on THAT forum?? (don't look...I've posted there too....)

Thanks for all your work on this site. Its appreciated
not yet....and I'm still gonna keep things relatively "worksafe" regardless....don't need to piss off my site host!

Hope to go thru the steps to implement this weekend...unfortunately, expect a few hours of futzing to try it out....yee hah
I tried to upload a little .gif file for my avatar but it did not work. Anything special I need to do?
needs to be 100x100 max and under 10k (I think it's 10k anyways)
[quote author=woody link=board=9;threadid=8854;start=msg76683#msg76683 date=1071632439]
and HEY, what are you doing on THAT forum?? (don't look...I've posted there too....)

Not a lot of Cruisers around here, unfortunately. Most of my local wheeling buddies are into that site and most of them drive Heeps. It is Michigan, after all.
thought I had it....bombed the forum this morning....got it working on a "un-modded" forum tho, so hopefully soon....unfortunately, it's all php programming at this point (not my strong suit! lol)

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