uneven lift.

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Jul 15, 2005
Tauranga, New Zealand
Hi guys, I finally installed a 50mm lift to my 61 the other day. Problem is that the kit was for a std non PTO winch vehicle. Lift acheived was 50mm rear and 35mm front. I got the kit installed for a song i.e cost + a bit so I don't want to remove the front springs and swap them.

Here are some pix

http://fj62.org/photos/nz/jacec/files/1.php (thanks Chris)

As I plan a 50mm body lift next I was going to fab some + 75mm hangers for the front and + 40mm for the rear.

My question to you experts is....Is this the quickest solution for this problem? How will it affect the steering?:cheers:
go to man-a-fre.com and look at there add a leaf kits...should put your front end up to normal height
that site is already down.
Don't you want the rear slightly higher so if you load it up it's not dragging it's butt? 15mm= slight,IMO.
red cruiser said:
Yeah, it is. Sorry about that but wasn't paying attention and missed paying my hosting fee :doh:

Hey red cruiser send the pics to me and I'll put them up here for you. landcruiser@thedarkrealms.com


**some time tonight, don't know when**
help yourself to the pics...I don't mind a bit.

Regarding the extra 15mm lift at the back, I don't mind the result but I wanted more approach angle. departure angle is alot better now I have removed the bumper.:)
Ok I don't want to cut your pics down on you so here they are, you'll all just have to open them up to look at them so I don't get yelled at for not using paint ; )
Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3


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