under carriage treatment - RDU area

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
A friend just purchased a 200 and they are asking about under carriage treatments. It has some surface rust. It needs to be wire brushed and treated. Are there businesses in the Raleigh area hat do this? If yes, who could you recommend for him? Thank you.
Was it hard? What product did you use to remove surface rust?
Was it hard? What product did you use to remove surface rust?Wire brush of dremel, rustoleum has a gel spray. They sell it at Walmart.

Thank you
I don't know anyone but be carful what they use, I've heard horror stories about the rubber or hard shell stuff. My Silverado has some tar like stuff from before I bought it and once the moisture and salt got under it the rust was way worse than areas without the tar. The worst part is you don't see the rust till the tar starts peeling away.

I've had good luck with the oil based stuff I reapply annually on my fzj80. I use Woolwax and do it myself. Recoat once a year. Its easer if you have an air compressor but doable with the rattle cans.

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