UK Land Cruiser weekend - 18-20th April

Aug 6, 2004
Herefordshire, UK
Morning All,

As we draw close to the weekend are there any more of you that want to come?

So far we have 17 vehicles and around 30 people, so it is building up to quite a fun weekend.

Just to respond to a few queries we have had:

1. If you want to come for just one night, just for the day, etc then no problem, we have made it as flexible as possible.

2. We still need to sort out if we are going to run any special courses/training sessions, we have had a mixed take up on this so far.

3. If you are camping and haven't booked meals, that's fine, however it would be nice if you can book yourself in for the Saturday evening meal - we are aiming this to be a hog roast and we need the numbers up to make it worthwhile.

4. If you are camping, please send in your camping fees, details are in the email that you would have received when registering.

5. If you want to change or update your registration info, use the link in the email you received when registering.

6. The weekend is intended for Land Cruiser owners, but if you or a friend wants to come along in a lesser model, you will certainly be welcome ;)

Finally, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on my mobile - 07971 540362.

I look forward to seeing you next weekend.

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