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Mar 3, 2014
Houston, TX
United States
My mind is not entirely set on selling this rig, but being that I have a 3rd kid on the way, something larger would be very useful for my outings with my wife and 3 boys.

1985 4runner - Purchased in 2009 w/ 217k on the clock. I have been DDing it since 2012. It has taken me back and forth across Texas (Houston to Big Bend) 5 times, without a single problem. I daily drive it to/from work and pickup up kids; 10 miles a day. This truck really enjoys cruising on the highway (65-70 is the sweet spot for the 22re) or in it's element cruising trails in double low.

Factory 22re that I rebuilt back in 2011 (~18k on the rebuild, going strong):
- EngnBldr rebuild kit; new bearings, pistons, rings, timing kit, etc.
- Block was hot tanked and head inspected and new valve seals.
- Injectors rebuilt by witchhunter
- Chevy alternator swap
- Intake moved up toward the firewall
- AC works, but needs to be recharged every spring to keep it going for the remainder of the year.
- Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge in the cab to monitor the rebuilt 22re.
- Proportioning Valve installed at the master cylinder.
- New radiator installed 4 years ago

Front Axle:
- Stock housing w/ gussets carefully welded (knuckle supports and main housing) and diff armor
- 4.88 Gears
- Rebuilt knuckles w/ KOYO hub/knuckle bearings
- TG Chromo Birfs
- Longfield Chromo Hub gears
- TG High Steer, rebuilt IFS steering box 3 years ago to resolve a leak
- Steering Dampener

Rear Axle:
- 1986 (wider) housing w/ 1986 stock axles
- 4.88 Gears
- Rotated pinion up for rear CV driveshaft
- E locker that has been converted to run on air
- Custom Disc Brakes w/ e brake integrated (Ford Calipers, w/ Toyota Rotors)

- Trans (W56 5 Spd Manual) has been rebuilt by the PO, shifts smooth, and had redline synthetic since Day 1
- TG Doubler Kit
- Stock 2.28 gearing in both the doubler and t-case
- Twin Stick
- Front long travel square driveshaft
- Rear heavy walled driveshaft w/ 85' front CV joint at tcase
- Sky Manufacturing Skid Plate

- Davez offroad lift kit (~3"). Springs ride amazing, and flex/perform excellent offroad.
- ALL rust has been repaired; rear 1/4 panels cut and replaced with new metal and a 1/4" rod for strength. Windshield was pulled and all rust repaired with new metal and painted before new windshield installed.
- Raptor Lined interior (under new carpet) and exterior - BLACK
- 98' 4Runner Front and Rear Seats (Tan) w/ Grey CoverCraft Canvas seat covers. Seats themselves were in good condition, I just wanted seat covers to avoid getting them dirty.
- Headlights were converted to RoundEyes units w/ H4s
- Custom Front/Rear Bumpers, I built from 1.75 OD 120 wall DOM tubing.
- Warn Winch; recently rebuilt and added a wireless remote.
- 24" LED light bar up front
- 100% duty cycle OBA; compressor mounted in front and tank in the rear.
- 35x12.50R15 Cooper Discoverer Tires ~ 7k on the tires, still very new.
- Interior door and side panels were replaced w/ Black ABS sheet

- 99' Tacoma 3RZ: 300k on the clock, but confirmed it was running prior to being pulled. I've got the complete assembled engine, W59 bell housing, and the entire truck Harness/ECU. This is a very common upgrade from the 22re, since it's 4cyl w/ +50 horse/torque, more fuel efficient, and happy to sit in the high revs. Install is also very simple, as the engine will mount to the W56 trans w/ the bell housing. Marlin has a lot of good info on this swap.
- Spare set of Stock Birfs
- Incomplete (but will be done soon) half door set
- Rock sliders: built by me out of the same tube as the bumpers. Haven't been welded onto the frame, but will be done soon.
- E-locker; complete minus the motor. New bearings in boxes, and solid sleeve. This would be used for the front (to match the rear), once I converted it to air.
- Bikini top kit for the summer

Asking $12,000 $10k, as I have far more (than I would care to admit) than that invested. I would consider a trade for a 80/100 series cruiser, or a 3rd/4th gen 4runner. Located in Houston, TX.





I'll post some more detailed photos soon. Feel free to ask any questions.
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Mar 3, 2014
Houston, TX
Finally got a few minutes to spare to take some photos of the rig:














I've got a few more things I wanted to list on the rig is upgrades.. I'll update the original post w/ additional items in BOLD.

I've had a bit more time to think of what I want to do with this rig. I am willing to negotiate down my price by taking out items from the deal (3rz, sliders, e-locker, etc.). Just hit me up if you have questions.
Mar 3, 2014
Houston, TX
While I have pretty much decided to keep the truck and keep on keeping on.. I would like to to try and throw out one last attempt at selling. I had a kid recently, so this truck has pretty much been in the garage for the last few months; while I drive the other two vehicles we own around.

Since my last post:

- I installed a volvo electric fan (made a shroud, and wired up using volvo relays using an in-line temp switch)
- I change out the rear dual cardan joints and ball.. shaft is still on the bench just need to put in new joints and ball. Replacing these only because I had never changed these when I built the heavy wall shaft, and with the extras sitting around in my toolbox and a planned trip later this year, why not.
- Replaced the tcase rear output shaft bearing ($60 from the dealer) for good measure, since I couldn't tell what normal output play was/is expected. Turns out it was perfectly fine, and I have the original as a spare.

$10K OBO is the new price.. for now... and that would be without the 3rz since I may have another project for it. With the 3rd kid floating around my garage, part of me really wants a damn 80/100 series cruiser.

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