For Sale Tx: 1999 Toyota Land cruiser

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United States

1999 w/ center and rear lockers & rear A/C which definitely comes in handy in Texas
~205K miles, daily driven so millage will change, lots of highway miles
Interior is in good condition, leather is still soft but of course has 16 years of wear
Exterior is fair, a few minor dents and scratches
Mechanically it is in excellent condition, my maintenance includes:

  • 03/15 – New A/C line and freon recharge
  • 01/15 – New starter
    • fuel filter
    • intake manifold cleaned
  • 12/14 – Timing belt
    • water pump
    • thermostat
    • cam/crank seals
    • idler pulley
    • tensioner pulley
    • radiator hoses
    • brake fluid flushed w/ Valvoline synthetic
  • 11/14 – Bosch Iridium spark plugs
    • New brake pads and hardware
    • New rear rotors
  • 10/14 – serpentine belt
  • 09/14 – transmission fluid w/ Amsoil synthetic
  • 07/13 – 5 new BFG AllTerrain tires (188k miles) oversized (305/70r16)
  • 12/12 – Front/center/rear differential fluid w/ Amsoil synthetic
Finally, the previous owner had the thermostat Ts swapped out around 150k miles. I did almost all the maintenance myself and changed oil every 5K miles.

I would not hesitate to take this cruiser anywhere. I've made two trips from Austin to Southern Colorado in it in the past 6 months and it performed beautifully. It drives very smooth and pulls strong. It has spent most of its life in Texas so there is no rust. I'll add more pictures tonight, I tried taking pictures yesterday evening but they came out washed out from the sunlight.

Price : SOLD due to all the recent maintenance, it's high, I know but I feel like this cruiser will run to 300k miles as is without anything more than oil changes and tire rotations. The 5 new tires will last a long time, they barely show any wear at all in 20k miles.

You can text for faster response, 512-693-7287





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Ohh, price, of course, sorry, I'd like $11,900 OBO due to all the recent maintenance.





I will be back from my deployment and in San Antonio during June, if you still have it by then, I would like to check it out

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