Two Announcements

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Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
First, there will be a Biodiesel demonstration at Jim Charmosta's place
tomorrow, Saturday Jan 14,
at 1:00 pm. His place is in Whonnock at 26895 112 Ave. You go out
Lougheed Highway from Vancouver all the way to 272 Ave. There is a big mill near 272 ave
so you know you're getting close. So you turn left (north) at 272 and go a couple
of Km up and turn left on 112 Ave. His phone number is 604 462 7865 if you
need it. See you there, all you diesel freaks and all you others who love
the smell of diesel in the morning!

Second, we are going to Clear Creek hot springs on Saturday, Jan 28 for fun
and site cleanup. Bring a plastic garbage can for broken beer bottle trash
and possibly a rake or shovel. Some are camping overnight, weather
permitting. Meet us all at the Ultra Fuel gas station at Harrison Hot
Springs Resort townsite at 9:00 am on Jan 28. Our first wheel'n trip of
2006, should be a good time; be there!

A write-up of the Jan 12 CC meeting will be done sometime this weekend when
I get time.
~Bill :beer:
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I am working on the night of the 28th, and like to rest a few hours in the afternoon before likely will not attend...but ya never know.

I will be there tomorrow, barring not having runs all night tonight at work.

Biodiesel Report

On Saturday, Jan 14, several CC members converged at Jim Chramosta's house in Whonnock (Maple Ridge) to have a look at his family's biodiesel setup. Present were Jim & Lindsay Chramosta, Jim's dad Frank Chramosta, Greg Bowie, Gary Telford, Rob Millson, Mike McTague, & Bill Wilkinson.
Rob took several pictures with his digital, so hopefully he will show them somewhere. The warm french-fry oil is mixed with meth alcohol and lye, and after a through mixing, it reacts into biodiesel with by-products of glycerine and unused alcohol. I don't think its feasible for me to set up a similar system in my back yard, but it may be possible for the club to do something if enough people are interested and a suitable site is found.
Also, with the radio course, the prep for Cruiser Days, wheel'n, etc. I don't know if it is wise right now to undertake another club project, be it either First Aid or biodiesel. Let's have some feedback from others out there.
~Bill :beer:
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sorry I bailed out, I got lazy..............actually since it was nice I worked on my truck :) But I would still like to see how all of this is done. Hey Jim next batch you make up give me a shout and Ill make it out this time.


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