Turbo vs Supercharger UZJ100

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Jul 25, 2016
Hi there

This forum is excellent :)

My question is on Turbo vs Supercharger for UZJ100.

For those who installed them, or who know about LC100 with Turbo and Supercharger:

1- Is it worth the money spent to get that more power?
2- Which one is better, knowing that I'm usually driving the LC100 on Sand Dunes, so I need power at low RPM (Or I think that).

I still believe the Trd supercharger is the lowest cost to attain and rebuild vs a turbo setup. Turbo setups run 7-10k easy. All the parts to build a high hp naturally aspirated 2uzfe exist as well but your looking at big money again. TTC Performance has many of those parts.
The hard part with forced induction is almost always the tuning and tuning device. It's a black art that very few people have the ability to do satisfactorily.

The safer bet may be to throw the money at an upgrade to the 200-series. That's not half as exciting though.
What is said above is correct. The other drawback of our engines is that we can't throw too much boost at them before internal parts start to go. Hence why you can only push single digits. My 4Runner ran with 7psi max. Turbo setups get expensive due to all the custom fabrication of exhaust/intake systems. Not to mention the extras like BOVs, inter coolers, etc. The cheapest forced induction system for our hundred series is hands down the TRD supercharger (if you can find one). Also not very many people are known for tuning Toyota engines. A simple change in the fuel mapping for our engines stock would produce more power alone, but once again, nobody tunes these. Take a look at the sequoia/tundra: same engine, mostly the same drivetrain (minus AWD), and it will roll circles around our LC/LXs.
I didn't see a TRD supercharger in Oman, but maybe in Dubai, UAE.

But, will it be worth the money spent?

Will the gain from reprogrammed chip give me comparable power at lower cost vs the supercharger?


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