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Oct 1, 2003
Anyone have any information about the rumor that there is going to be a 3/4 ton and a one ton Toyota Diesel in the USA?
I to have only heard rumors of a 3/4 ton Tundra, I'd also be really interested to learn a little more about it.
I heard from a salesman that by 2005 Toyota will offer every combination of cab, bed and engine in their truck line up. They want to take the market share from 2wd sport truck to the deisel big boys.
when we go pick up our double cab tundra next week, i will be sure to ask our buddy the head sales manager!
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when we go pick up our double cab tundra next week, i will be sure to ask our buddy the head sales manager!

the sales manager or salespeople are prolly one of the last to know, I'd ask the head mechanic or whoever is in charge of training the techs if he has heard of any training coming up on a Toyota dsl.....

But the word I hear is yes a dsl will be in the line up when the larger toyota pickup comes out in 2 years.
In the tacoma perhaps, but I doubt it in the tundra, though the new d4d 4 cyl hotter version of a 1kz-te makes 125kw and 420nm +.
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Most likely will be the 1KZ-TE, Or the new version of it. 1KZ-TE has been round since 1993.

Doubtful, Toyota'd never sell such a lower HP engine in it's full sized truck here. I&#039:D BUY IT, but standard US/NA buyer would baulk and run away.

In most chance, it's a V-configured diesel as in the US everyone seems to think that every engine ever made was a V6 or V8; sales advertisements for many LCs here list them as being V6s. Go figure. Mercedes EVEN is introducing V6 diesel's into it's car line in 4 months or so. WHY? Ford does a V8 diesel, so does GM. Why oh why must everything here be designed in a V-config'd engine to seemingly make a sale?

If there is one praise for Dodge, at least they teamed with Cummins...
And no doubt BTW an auto tranny, too

once called Toyota USA and talked to the top manager guy (he at least claimed he was director of customer service) and asked ``why does Toyota /not/ give an option in their LandCruiser line an option of a manual transmission?'' His response: ``...our data shows that 100% of all purchases for them were automatics, so we dropped the manual transmission option.'' No :flipoff2: really? Of course your data shows 100%, you NEVER had the option otherwise! And when did Toyota ever have a transmission option in the US on LCs?
Hey. guys I work at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (we build the Tundra) and the info I heard from a reliable person is no diesel in the Tundra for the next 5 years at least. But the 2006 will be a larger body style.

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