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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
So my little 20 ton hydraulic bender from House of Tools isn't doing the trick for me anymore, and right now (as much as I'd want to) I can't justify getting a JD Squared bender. So is there a a local shop that sells pre done 90s and 45s that can be welded?
Otherwise I am looking a harassing a local shop to do the bends. Unless someone know of a used bender for sale that is of better quality then the $200 hydraulic benders.
whats the problem with the pipe bender? is it kinking?
yes, the usual problem of trying to bend smaller thickness pipe, I have no problems with stuff 3/16" and thicker but 1/8th kinks and I'm not about to start filling it with sand for every bend. One day I will get a better bender but for now I can't justify that cost. KMS is getting a Chinese knock off of the JD Squared bender in a month or two. Right now a JD with stand and 1 die is about $1000, where the Chinese one for the same money will come with 3 dies for common sizes.
silly question............why would you need to bend thin wall pipe?
Metal Supermarket

Metal Supermarket sells 45's and 90's on the Island here. They have stores on the Lower Mainland.

Metal Supermarkets

Burnaby (604) 293-1231
5150A Still Creek Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C 4E4
I actually found a place in Richmond that I get stuff from when I can't find it anywhere else, 1 1/4 schedule 40 tight 90 (2"radius) with angled ends for weld bead - $3.20 each.
I'll see what metal supermarkets has, that didn't even occur to me and I have an account there, just never seen them there.

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