Tube Bumper build

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Jul 18, 2006
hillbilly desert rat
Here is the first set of pics. More to come soon..

I found a local guy that does some awesome fab work.. I will post up pics and info as i get it.

He is talking about doing a 4 link and a few other things for me in the future..

He is tucking the winch up under the bumper so stealing it will be really tough. It will have a perch for an antenna and lights .. 2 place's for recovery points.
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all day and no comments? is it cruise moab yet?

Looks good and cant wait to see the product. Im starting to like light tube designs more and more. Are you going to trim any front valence for the winch? kinda looks like it from that front on shot.
Oh and it looks like you could still use your factory recovery points since they are of course the best :D
looks a little wide ;)
but i like the idea when other drivers are "drifting" :D

keep the pics coming.
here are some more pics .. in the future there will be a 9500 winch in the cradle ... stock recovery points are gone but there is a place for a clevis in there . Tomorrow the hoop will be there and another bar across the head lights ..
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looks good so far! I like the idea of tucking the winch as high as possible,kind of a lightweight short bus.
more pics?
crap, pics showed up while I was typing
more pics. there is plenty of tire exposed to get it up on a rock ..

we are going to make it bolt on and off so another (thing) needs to be added in there so it can be unbolted
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So you cut your core supports, are you gonna add something to bring that support back? I would be concerned with droping your front fender corners with those washboard trails you run on for miles........just a concern I see..........
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In front, outside of your body mount to the frame, the core suport, the stamped square tube that he cut to give you clearance, that supports the front fenders and inner parts of the fenders.... such as battery area. those were cut away so hehad mre clearance, you need to support that part of the body.
Nope, some folks have cut that and reboxed that in, but I would not do those long dirt roads like you do without the support.
braces were already in place for that you can beat on the fenders and they are stable .. My first trip out will tell the tale .. I keep plenty of duct tape and bailing wire in my tool box .. Good enough for Nascar .Good enough for me>>>
your gonna give some of these 80 nuts heartburn................carry on.....
ya the whole duct tape and bailing wire .. well it is just a semi permanent fix until it falls all the way off like the flare removal on canyon walls
Dont support the body with the bumper unless you have some flexible mounts...........wonder where you got this idea?

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