Trying to buy a '10

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May 17, 2010
I have been lurking around for a while but thought I would finally take the plunge and comment.

I am TRYING to buy a 2010 LC -- but boy has this been an issue! I read some of your guys posts about buying 08's in the 50k range. The best deal I have found (by far!) is $69,500 and that is on a Black LC at the port waiting to be sent to the dealer (couple of weeks -- they say). I thought I had one today - I paid the deposit and the guy was going to get a driver to bring it over and come to find out the owner of the dealership's wife had been driving it. Out of 16 the dealer checked on all of those were a demo. The word is around 40 are supposed to land at the port soon but those are all being split between the gulf states.

Guess I am buying at the wrong time - but the Z71 Tahoe has got to go ASAP. That thing isn't worth half of what I paid for it!

Wish me luck. I'm ready to finally experience some of the things everyone has been talking about! :beer:
Yeah, it's pretty difficult to find one.

Word of advice, avoid a black '09 LC in Houston if it hasn't been sold already. It's been driven as a dealer demo, which would usually be fine, but this one has been wrecked on the lot, which won't show up on record and they probably won't tell you if you ask them.

Good luck with your search!
Thanks for the tip. Interesting enough no Houston dealership wants to play. They all want 72k for their units.

Thanks! I'm hoping I will report back with good news soon!!
I looked at a few in Texas before I got my on So Cal. The ones in Texas were 72K becuase they did not have the Upgrade package. With the Upgrade package and floormats, the LC should be about $74,200. I was able to get mine (black on tan) for $71,000 (exactly 1 week before the Toyota blowout...). I did experience exactly what you described, dozens of dealers across the entire country all claiming to have them available online, only to find out they were demo's or already sold when I called. When I finally did find one locally, that was exactly what I wanted, I bought it over the phone the same day I found it. It was an annoying process, but kind of exciting when I finally was allowed to buy a $70K toyota :)
I purchased a 2010 Sonora Gold Pearl with navigation, rear spoiler, carpeted mats, and tinted front windows for $63500 in the first of February immediately after the sudden accelation debacle was announced. This is the exact car that I wanted +/- the tint. I don't have kids and did not want to spend the extra approx $3800 more for the upgrade package for a rear DVD entertainment system. I would have liked to have the cool box and the rain sensing windshield wipers but I couldn't justify spending the additional money. Besides the point, I found the car about 200 miles away. If you are not picky about color there should be a fair number available. I found the site helpful in searching the whole country, if you do not mind picking up a vehicle where ever you find one and get a great deal. It is true that it seems a high percentage of landcruisers end up in the inventories of Gulf States Toyota dealerships which include Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, & Louisiana and Southeast Toyota which include Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina & South Carolina. Lucky for me I live in Mississippi.
There is a white used 2008 at Toyota of Northwest Arkansas. They want $58k for it. Wish I had the money!!!
There is a white used 2008 at Toyota of Northwest Arkansas. They want $58k for it. Wish I had the money!!!

Amazing how these trucks hold their value. There were some great deals going on new ones when the economy first crashed in September 08 for the last two years there best discount I've seen is about 4 grand which is very small on a 74k MSRP vehicle. I only got 2k off my 2010 which is by FAR the smallest discount I've had on a new vehicle but it was the color combo i was after and no dealer would better it.

Dealers will not do deals and as others have said, make it very difficult to buy one. They seem to know the one or maybe two units they have will sell as demand outstrips the very limited supply.
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I know what you're going through bts001. I had to be patient and wait for 3 months before finally getting my hands on a Super White/dark gray LC couple weeks ago. Hope you get yours soon.
Write a check and pay for it!!! Its very simple!!!

I know a guy at the UN who knows a guy who knows a guy that can get you a bullet ridden one for $15k... but hey its a 10 :)
For now it seems to be full price or nothing

I just completed my lease on a 2005 LC and today paid the residual on it. I could not even find a new one to buy. The dealer I bought it from as well as 3 others in the DFW area all advised it was special order or nothing. I did see one that was pre-sold but could not get a hint as to the owners final price (not surprising..why would they tell me). There is a new one at the Plano dealership, red (not my favorite color on a LC but looks better in-person) with dark gray interior but be prepared to pay a premium price. It isn't clear to me whether this is a temporary thing due to the model changeover or reduced production of the LC. It does appear to be a sellers market right now but if you find what you like, what the heck - you only live once and maybe you need that wonderful new-cruiser smell right now.
For a little reference, when I was looking for a new '10 LC a couple months ago, every dealership I talked to from DFW to Houston agreed to my price of $68,900, but that was as low as they'd go. I did find several '09 demos in San Antonio for considerably less though.

Of course this was all several months ago so maybe the market has changed a bit.

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