Troubleshooting signal problem

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Oct 1, 2007
The Ozarks
I bought a cheap, simple RC car for my daughter's birthday and after fixing several different things to keep it going over the past couple days, I have run into a dead end.

If the antenna of the controller is not literally touching the antenna of the car, it does not respond. If they are touching, it responds normally. Batteries have proper voltage in both units, but were swapped out just to be sure.

What gives?
Just a wild guess, but sounds like the output transistor on the transmitter is blown. So virtually no RF, but once you touch things together, there's enough signal still present to that it conducts down the antenna.
I'm late to the party. But try opening up both the Tx and the Rx to see if maybe the antenna wire has broken or come loose from the motherboard. I have had this happen a few times.

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