Troopy rear side windows...

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Jan 2, 2010

I'm looking to change my rear troopy side windows from the classic sliding to openning out camper type, anyone have experiance of doing this and are there any dedicated window conversions for the troopy..

something like this .... but due to the uneven size of the window frame, looks like I'll need to make it myself...

OK second part of the question, found my prefered windows (Germany SEITZ).... so I'll cut a thick sheet of ali to use as a frame... but I'll need replacement window rubbers as mine wont work...
Any ideas of the Toyota part number for window blanking rubbers ?? no idea of the correct name...

There are solid windows and seals in the parts system. Getting them is a whole different story. I researched the parts in the US, and nobody here or a couple of the Canadian vendors I tried could get them.

Check with Roodogs 4WD Spares and All Four X 4 Spares out of AUS, they have come through on some hard to get parts for my troopie that I couldn't get here:meh:.

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thanks m8
I'm also looking around for second hand, but if i can find the seals then I'll end up cutting my own from thick ali sheet...

I imagined I would find them everywhere and worth nothing !! how wrong I can be !!

Found the rubbers, I'll post it here if ever anyone needs it..

The window rubbers:

3 weeks delviery after order - price each - €39.12 excl. VAT (Netherlands)

The partnumbers are:

2x 52741-90K03
2x 62252-90K00


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