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Aug 6, 2007
Hi all,

I am looking to lift my troopie and was wondering what options there are for me, my troopie is the arkana type and it has the low wheelwell,. I have new 31s on there now but want to go to 33x9.50 or 10.50. Called spector and they only have the 2inch lift springs. This cruiser will drive mostly on the road with no real serious off roading. What have you guys done and do you have pics.

recall that the springs are 2" but some good OME grease-able shackles add another inch, and with 3" of lift you'd be able to run 33's and not worry about rubbing (especially with no heavy off roading).

Sorry - no pictures. I plan on lifting the 45 this summer and will be posting up pics. Good luck.
I got measurements to have Deaver build me 4" springs, but it didn't happen after I bought another troopy. I'll be going OME on mine. Deaver was more expensive--4 springs were about the price of the OME system, but I wanted to run 35s. Alcan is cheaper than Deaver and has specs for 45s. you have the small spring eye springs. OME makes only the big-eye springs and has bushings to fit the small-eye frames/pins. I drove HJ47's troopy (Patches) over the holidays with heavy/heavy OME and it was pretty nice (way better than the lift springs on my troopy). Probably could get away with medium rears on his for a better ride, but I'll buy the heavy springs and just remove the leaf they recommend if it's too stiff.

I agree with David. I have a friend with Alcans on a 1978 FJ40, though, and they are really nice. My heavy/heavy was great when I had the 2H in there, but it did stiffen it a bit when I put the Vortec in. Over-all, though, I like my heavy/heavy as I have never, ever over-loaded it- even towing my FJ40 did not phase it. With my winch, bull bar, skids, etc. It is pretty smooth over all. David is just spolied by driving his wife's Subaru:)


Thanks fellas,
I have 10leafs on the back and some are quite thick,the cruisr is heavy,much more then a typical troopie. I know this souds crazy but I was thinking about a spring over using the springs that are in it now. I want a smooth ride as well as some lift.
Spring over would be great- wll it fit in your garage? Are spring overs legal in NY? I know they aren't in Mass.



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