Transfercase shifter mount?

May 22, 2003
I am looking for ideas, pics, links, first hand experience, etc...
even interested in looking at other manufactures shifter setups.

I have old 15+yrs AA th350 to 3/4speed case, and its all together
other then the transfer shifter, it came off a 75 and had different set
of linkage and such then my 79 does. I am able to build/fab anything
and i perfer to do so, but i am just plain stuck on exactly how to mount
it. (fabricators block)


Oh...Durka Durka Durka.
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Oct 1, 2003
Installing this same trans/t-case combo in a 40. I have the AA twin stick kit, but no pics as of right now, but if I remember correctly, there are two threaded bosses on the pass side of the adapter that I have, which is where the pivot shaft/plate will mount, to allow the twin stick to manipulate the t-case.

Here is a link to some photos, there is a couple there, but it is on my
420/three speed case...

Hope it helps!

Good luck!


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