Transfercase removal w trans still in place

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Jul 17, 2008
Marfa, Texas
So, while I'm on here, you guys can see all the s--- I am getting into. Not just dumb questions about sensors and tire porn.

I replaced my clutch a few weeks back and when I was putting it all back together I noticed the front output bearing was sloppy and the seal was no good. If I hadn't been 2,000mi from home in borrowed garage space, I suppose I would have ordered the part and tackled it then... But.

Question is: can I remove the transfer case and leave the tranny in place? And if so, should the transfer adapter (or "extension housing") come with it or stay behind? The folks at Marlin who sold me the parts sez "no big deal" but I didn't pester them for details.

Anyone done this before?


I think you'll have better response in the 78-95 section, but you should have no problem with it. I did when I put the crawler gears in.

Oh dang, yr right! I'm not used to this "mobile ap" page. My bad. Can I move this? Or does the moderator have to do it?

Sorry. Thanks man!

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