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Nov 23, 2005
Well, when I bought the elephant chaser I knew the auto was slipping a bit and knew it would eventually come to did:(

About a week ago the truck started slipping real badly so I took it to someone here in the area. His family has been in the transmission business for decades, has a great reputation and has owned a Landcruiser himself in the past:cheers:

He came highly recommended by numerous people including several close friends and Toyota enthusiasts.
He does a ton of high performance, off road, diesel and custom/race work for area rodders, off roaders and rebulders.

When I spoke with him about the problem he took a lets wait and see attitude. Instead of just offering up a rebuild, he told me all the things that "could" be happening to cause the problems, and said it was best to check those first. Trust me, he doens't nickle and dime you to death...he's here for the long term:cheers:

I dropped it off on Monday morning (his shop runner gave me a ride home) and he called me later that afternoon with a diagnosis. About what I figured too, it was not good news:(.

He started the process on tuesday and after getting the wrong T/C from the supplier on Wednesday, finsihed it up on Thursday.

Picked her up on Friday and WOW!!! Drove great! Nice crisp clean shifts, smooth transitions and a real kickdown:lol:

This lasted about an hour:(

He had mentioned that I might experience some slightly erratic pattern (early/late shift points) over the next few days or a week while it breaks in and said if I wasn't comfortable, just bring it back and he'll take care of it.

Like I said. In about an hour, I noticed that I was not getting OD?? Then 3rd starded coming in later and later??

Called him and he gave me some quick solutions and some road tests to do while I was on the road (headed to Orlando with my son and a back end full of Buick Grand National motor!).

Stayed on the phone with me until both he and I were comfortable that this was not going to correct itself.

He offered to send his wrecker for me (they take care of all that)
but I declined and we nursed the chaser back to his Lutz shop at a whopping 40< mph in 1st & 2nd gear. At least me son and I had time for some good father & son conversation:lol:

When I arrived, he got it in IMMEDIATELY, took it out for a test run (with my son) and got her right up on the rack.

After dropping the pan and the valve body, he found something had gotten into the body and clogged it (even after the hot flush). He dissassembled everything, cleaned it and put it back together. Took it out again and again, not right!

FOrtunately, there was no debris, shavings or parts inthe pan whe he dropped it and everything else was correct and performing properly. It's obviously a valve body issue:(

Back on the rack and apart again. He did this 4-5 times that I know of and by the end of the afternoon, has almost got the situation corrected. He is pretty sure he knows the problem and should have it done by Monday:cool:

We discussed the possibillity of ordering one of Rodney's Extreme VB's and this may still happen.

To sum it up, no, the trucks not fixed yet, but I'm confident that it will be by monday.
He and his crew worked dilligently on my truck for 4+ hours, 2 of which were after thier normal closing time. All of this without another nickle out of pocket!

IMO, you can't ask for better service than that! Frankly, the original cost of the repair was not at all unreasonable IMO.

I'll keep you updated on the progess and as soon as it's done, assuming it stays together, I'll post his name and shop information for those of us in the Tampa and surrounding areas that may need his services.

If it doesn't turn out so well, I'll let you know that gut tells me it's goona be fine:cheers:
Great to know there are still people with integrity in the repair business. He's treating it like his own, or better, probably.
Great to know there are still people with integrity in the repair business. He's treating it like his own, or better, probably.

I agree 100%!

He got it ready on Monday afternoon and test drove the hell out of it!! Got it hot, then let it cool. Let it sit overnight and test drove it cold.

No problems. Called me tuesday afternoon and I picked her up Wednesday at noon:bounce: Damn nice to be back in the saddle!

It performs beautifully. Shifts crisp and right bout where I'd like it. Hits OD at about 50 and keeps the RPM just under or at 2k.

Turns out it was a defective gasket in the governor. Took care of the problem.

And not another dime out of pocket either.

This guy is great. Of course, like I stated earlier, he and his dad have been in the business for decades and are here for the long haul. Real quality work and customer service.

They even got me a deeply discounted rental rate on a sweet full sized Blazer from Budget Rent a Car.

I'll be posting the shops info in the sticky later today in case any of the Floridaians need someone local in the central Florida area.
Good story. It's good to have someone like that when you're going to shell out that much money. I just got mine rebuilt and I'm up and running. I expect my service to be just as good if any problems arise.
Good story. It's good to have someone like that when you're going to shell out that much money. I just got mine rebuilt and I'm up and running. I expect my service to be just as good if any problems arise.

Yes sir, and I hope your ride is trouble free:cheers:

This guy and his staff reallly went out of thier way. As I mentioned before, the initial price I didn't think was that bad to start with.

The service AFTER the sale was what made me realize that this was $$ well spent!:cheers: .

From the fact that they spent hours (even after hours) trying to get it right for me when I first brought it back, to the fact that they spent the better part of a day + getting it right and never, I repeat NEVER charged me another dime!:eek: !!

This is a fine group of people and definately a top shelf shop!

I drove the daylights out of it today (not trashing it, just putting on some miles) and letting it break in. About mid day I got a call from the shop wanting to know how it was doing?

After dealing (several years ago but the tastes still there!!!:mad: ) with AA *BEEP Beep yo ass!!* MCO transmissions on a couple of cars, the idea of doing business with ANY transmission shop was the last thing I looked forward to doing!

After this, I'm looking forward to having him mod the tranny's on my 2000 Z28 and 87 Vette:cool:

Here's his information and I'll post it in the other sticky as well with a link back here.

I'll keep this updated for the next couple of weeks/months or so and let you know how it works in the long run.

Tim Moye & Tim Moye, Jr.
Tim Moye Transmission Incorporated

17414 Us Highway 41 N
Lutz, FL 33549
(813) 909-8337


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