Trans issue and solution Q's

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Jul 12, 2007
Charles Town, West Virginia
so, here's the scoop...

driving down the highway going to the airport. gone about 50 some odd miles, when i smell the distinct scent of trans fluid. hmm... i wonder too myself as i ignore the problem, as i always have some weird funk in the car. little bit goes by, when i see some smoke inside the cabin... i dont smoke... i look down to my shifter, and guess what i see, not only the light for Temp is on, but now i know where the smoke is coming from. so, i pull off the side of the highway in a gas station parking lot and smoke has filled the inside of my engine compartment, and there is about a quart laying on the ground after it sits for about 15 minutes.

now the questions. how hard it is to install a 4 speed from a 60 into the 62? i know i need the kit from, most likely the supplier of trans as well. can i hook the 62 t-case to the 60 trans? what else do i need? anyone done it? Pics or threads?
I did not know there was a kit. You need the pedal box from a 60 with the pedals and a clutch MC. The pattern for drilling the firewall for the clutch is already present on the old pedal bucket.

You will need to make some hydraulic lines and a soft line to the clutch slave.

You need the complete bell housing, throwout hub and fork, clutch slave, all of the clutch components including a pilot bearing.

On the 1990 you will need the larger flywheel bolts, plus a flywheel of course.

The transfer case can be made to work, see the threads on converting it to manual shift.

Then you need a rebuilt trans, shifter, the boots on the shifter, and a mechanism for shifting the t-case.

Definitely a doable finite project. If I were you, I'd do the 5 speed swap since the amount of effort is the same, and the transmission is new and won't need any work.
Why not just keep the auto? one boilover shouldn't toast it. put a cooler on the sucker, rodney flush and refill.
well clack, i see what you mean, but i really do like a manual. however, im not looking to go for the 5 speed, i only really want a 4, and im not doing any highway driving, so revs wont be an issue. the trans was rebuilt by PO at 202,xxx and im at 236,xxx. so im sure that there is an underline problem that im not seeing, and depending on how long this was going on for, shows that maybe the gears are burnt out. i need to diagnose the problem first to see how bad the damage is, but all in all, it still needs something. its been having some issues since i bought it at 226,xxx miles. one option is a used A440F from cruiserparts. you can get it for 750, and a one year warranty, not a bad allternative.
if the gears arent burnt out, im going to install a front mount trans cooler. looked at the truck today on my way home. fluid level is about 2 inches above the hot level indicator. ???
I am doing the swap right now on my fj62. Is not that hard the only problem would be getting the parts or perhaps easier and cheaper would be getting a donor for the parts. I am almost done with my swap if you need any help or pointers? DUNBAR and ORANGEFJ45 have done it and willing to help at all times, check their posts and you will see it is not that hard, that is if you wish to go that route. good luck and we are here to help

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