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Jan 2, 2003
Asheville, NC
Pardon the interruption, I'll be brief:

All submissions for the May/June 03 issue of Trails are due to me no later than March 17. Chapter reports, event listings, for sale/Photo Shop, editorial contributions, twenty dollar bills, carnage photos, etc. The earlier the better, the later don't make it.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank Jim Godwin for his service as story editor at Toyota Trails. The May/June issue will mark his last Trails in this capacity for the time being, due to a change in workflow. Jim did a great job for Henry, has continued to be a valuable asset to me, and in many ways improved the magazine. Even though the decision was mine, I'll be sorry to see him go.

May/June submissions can come directly to me (, or to Jim ( July/August to me.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Cruiser daydreams...

Todd J. Kaderabek
Managing Editor, Toyota Trails
78 Grovewood Road
Asheville, NC 28804
828-251-0412 (H)
828-253-0467 ext. 728 (W)
Fax: (828) 236-2869

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