Trails in LA Area?

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Dec 6, 2008
Tujunga, CA
Hey guys and gals, I know you get asked this a lot, but here goes again...

What are some good trail riding day trips around the LA area? I actually live in La Crescenta so I'm close to Azusa and the San Gabriel areas and all that. I'm getting tired of daily driving the cruiser and need to use 4WD for once in its life. The only catch is, I have a (very well running) stock FJ62 with 31's on it.

I've heard Azusa Canyon attracts morons, but haven't heard anything about other trails. I'm just looking for something I can take a day to go drive around on, explore, and see sights. That doesn't mean I wouldn't do any difficult-ish wheeling, but that's not the main point of the trip. I'm more of an exploration person, and love hiking in the mountains just north of me. Besides, there's not very many difficult trails that the cruiser can take (flat springs make the cruiser sag...I've already crushed a tailpipe once)

So, I was hoping you guys could help me out! Basically, day long exploring trails with light to medium wheeling, or none at all! Maybe since they just reopened Angeles Crest Hwy, there might be some good stuff up there...:hmm:

Thanks guys!
there is the whole Big Bear area
hi, I enjoy Gorman and have heard of Johnson Valley but have never been. My stock 78 fj40 handled the diamond trails well. You would do fine.
Cactus Flats on the back side of Big Bear...out of LA, but not too far. Easy trail and nice sights along the way.
There is nothing good at asuza caynon. big bear has some fire truck roads with beatiful views and are not too difficult
X2, Big Bear offers all you are looking for, moderate trails, close to LA, hiking... you can't go wrong there...

stop at the Visitor Center, get a map, get some orientation there and you are set... not even need to plan really hard, just show-up and decide...

the fire station towers, or over look, I don't remember how is call it, it is a great place to visit, any of them, I'm talking the one close to Fawnskin, Butler peak road, I think so...
Hi I live in Montrose PM me! I can take you a few places. If you have kids all the better. I have a boy 8 and a girl 6. Let me know

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