Trails in Buckeye

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Oct 31, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Has anybody been around this trails north of Buckeye?

Google Maps

I have been there in my FJ60 (no pics), it's pretty nice and easy but always kept close to the sand dunes area. Has anybody been further north?

Does anybody know if a permit is required?

Thanks in advance.
I went out there in my 97 LX450 2 weekends ago. Took Watson Rd off the I-10. I dont know about a permit being required though. I went over the sand dunes and there is a trail that heads north. I think their are only a couple of spurs off the trail so I took the ones to the right (east). It winds around and there are a few challenging climbs and descents. The trail is tight in some places, its seems primarily for quads, because I got some scratches from the tree branches. Once at the top, you descend and it opens up more. Keep on the trail and it dumps you out onto a graded road and that takes you too Palo Verde Rd, just a little ways north of the I-10. It was fun, the first time I took the truck out off-roading. I initially went out to the sandwash at 339th ave and got kicked out of there by the sheriff's because as of April '08, they will ticket you if you are north or south of the public road. I used to take the dirtbike out there all the time, the trails off the sandwash(agua fria) WERE a lot of fun. Its because of the dust and the homes nearby. Just giving you a heads up if you dont know already. See ya on the trail....
Thanks for the info! I bought the "Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails" by Charles A. Wells, I think it's pretty good but no trails in this Buckeye area are included, it may be private land.

Thanks to this book I learned about the "Bulldog Canyon" in the East Valley, which is very close to where I live. As soon as I get bigger tires I'll be heading down that way! not sure if 31' are big enough though, I don't feel like changing gears right now to get 33's.

My brother lives in Buckeye and I have been in the dune area a few times, I have to warn him about the new April 8th policy.

I live on the east side near Bulldog Canyon. The only trail in that system you would have any issue with is Willow Springs which north of GoldField Ghost town on the way to Canyon lake. The other trails in that system are all passable by your stock 60. You do however need a permit to run any of those trails as they are all gated. The permit and 6month lock combination set can be obtained at the FS ranger station south of Mckellips and West of Higley. It's free, you only need your license and plate #'s to get them.

Hey! is good to know... I'll give it a shot next Sunday afternoon when I get back from Mexico, the weather has been nice. I got the permit last Tuesday since the book mention it. It also rates this trail as MODERATE, "suitable for agressive stock SUVs with high ground clearance".

I don't know how up to date is the information in the book but it also indicates that is subject to closure and it has been adopted by the "Copper State 4-Wheelers Club".

Scary thing is the $5000 fine if you don't follow the rules and stay on trails.

Nothing related to trails, just visiting family in Mexicali, Baja California. The few times I previously drove the 270 mile trip to Mexicali, Baja California in my FJ60 was at 65 mi/hr which is not fun. So I'm taking my Astro Van.

I have a good mechanic there, where I save a lot in labor.

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