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Feb 19, 2010
Littleton, CO
Rising Sun 4x4 Club would like to extend an invitation to a Trail Leader Training class we have set up with Bill Burke in Grand Junction? As you probably already know, this year will be the 20th anniversary of Cruise Moab and we're going to need more help than ever!

To assist in getting more qualified Trail Leaders, the CM Committee has set up a Trail Leader weekend. This 2-day class begins 3/18/17 and will be packed with information. We currently have some space available and would love see more folks hone their skills.


If you are interested in attending please sign up through the Rising Sun Forum ASAP. (Trail Leader Training - Rising Sun Member Forums). Post #1 and #18 have the details and what to expect from the training.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This class is also available to the members of your club... provided we have space available. Please pass this info along.

A word from Bill Burke:

Vehicle Requirements:
32" tire up to 35", adequate protection and frame mounted recovery points front and rear. I expect vehicles to be running well, in good maintenance and with proper equipment in good condition. I don't care if trailer queen or stock. The terrain we will be running will be moderate (not easy) - depending on vehicle setup. But, remember, it is not about the 'wheeling.. it is about Trail Leader training. We will be challenging people and vehicles though it all. Extra gas is not needed as long as they start out with a full tank. Do NOT top off...Saturday will have some good side hills! ;) Liquid can get into OE fuel evap systems.....

Course Itinerary:

Saturday: 0800 we will meet at a classroom place (TBD) - and spend a couple/few hours there. Then proceed to the field (very close by) work some in the field then have lunch out there. The rest of the day in the field in the area of 29 Road OHV - a legitimate OHV area, great terrain and we can do some good scenario and recovery out there. It can be very technical - but it is usually not damaging to vehicles. FYI: we held the Camel Trophy US trials there, introduced the "new" FJ Cruiser and Trail Teams training there, and Toyota Motors sends their engineers and technicians to me and we train there. Little trivia for the Toyota Club.

Sunday: full day in the field beginning at 0800. We will decide where to meet based on how Saturday goes & group dynamics etc. We will more than likely run the area of Bangs Canyon which includes Tabeguache Trail (very much like Moab) which is terrain of the Colorado Plateau sandstone. Bangs is also home to Billings Canyon hard-core trail. We will not run that - as we need to focus on Trail Leading scenarios not getting through a rock-crawl wash!

People that have to leave early on Sunday should let me know. Otherwise both days will be about 10 hours each minimal. Folks should be prepared for the weather, Portable Toilet if wanted and working in the dirt the full day. Camp chairs, sunscreen, bug juice! The handouts can be used for note taking! Personal Protection Equipment - gloves, sturdy boots (I will send people away in flip-flops or open toed sandals) and proper outdoor clothing.

Medical, dietary and hydration needs must be adjusted for this full day in the field.

Additional Information:
Those that may come out early and stay over: Fruita is a cool little town and great Mtn Bike stuff: Hot Tomato Pizza and a couple breweries there. Palisade is the Wine country - the little town is cool to visit: Palisade Cafe is good food - the Palisade Brewery is decent food and great beer.

If others want: there is 21 Road, Rabbit Valley, Cameo Cliffs, up on the Mesa (snow?) Long Slough.. and a few other great wheeling trails. The local Jeep club is: Grand Mesa Jeep Club - well established, very happy to take folks out. There are some real gems out here - not all are "in the book" or on the "tracks" pages. I'm happy to give advice.

We will "car pool" while on the trail so plan on 8-10 vehicles on the trail all with 2-3 passengers each. Others can leave their rigs at the trailhead safely - or carpool from the hotel. Depending on bodies.... we'll get the rigs sorted. I don't need a long "conga line" out there though.

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