Trail leader for Sunday

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Apr 16, 2003
Swanzey NH
Who wants to lead the Stockers?
I'll have directions and we marked the trail
last week.

Anyone have a GPS that can plot this loop
and make up a map for me?

Think I'm going to trailer up the 25...............if no one else wants it, I'll do it. Rather be tailgunner or in the pack for a change though. ;)

No GPS though, last fall my fancy borrowed Trimble couldn't lock on up there. :confused:
Thanks Dave, Sorry to hear about the 40.
Isn't that a Wally tub? Can't imagine having rust issues with it!
Hope its a speedy recovery!
My pleasure Lane, be glad to help. Plus I'm looking forward to wheeling something other than the 40.
The tub is only inspired by Wally, I built it but didn't take the time to paint it properly, hate paint fumes. Live and learn.
Is there anything else you need help with or need me to bring?
Looking forward to this, and thanks for hosting!

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